Yoga Classes in Maidenhead

Do you find it difficult to switch off? 

Think you’re not flexible enough for yoga?

Would you rather have a clear and focused mind?

Would you like to feel more balanced, energised, flexible and strong?

Curiously calm offers yoga classes in Maidenhead, Berkshire. Our classes will help you to build strength and flexibility so that you can move with more grace and ease, both in class and in life generally. You will learn simple yet powerful approaches to bring clarity to your mind and balance into your life. Classes are dynamic and playful, steadily challenging and yet accessible for all levels. You will leave feeling both relaxed and energised.

Curiously Calm | Yoga Classes in Maidenhead, Berkshire


Tuesday                         19.30-20.45         Braywick Nature Centre, Hibbert Rd. SL6 1UU 

Wednesday  10.00-11.15             Positivity Centre, Nashdom Lane, SL1 8NJ            

Wednesday                  18.10-19.25            Oldfield School, Bray Road, Maidenhead. SL6 1UE

Thursday                      09.45-11.00           Soltau Centre, Henley Road, Stubbings. SL6 6QW

Thursday                      19.30-20.45          Grenfell Lodge, Ray Park Rd, Maidenhead. SL6 8QX


COMPLIMENTARY taster class available, please book your place here.

Curiously Calm | Yoga Classes in Maidenhead, Berkshire

Here's what my clients say about my classes

Phil Bellamy | Testimony | Curiously Calm Yoga

 “The first few classes I attended made me realise how inflexible my body had got.  Although it was quite hard at times, I would leave the class feeling much ‘looser’ and more relaxed.  Slowly, over the months I noticed small changes happening – my balance improved, as my ankles and core strength got better, and the stiffness decreased considerably.  Finally, after about a year of yoga, I was able to touch my toes for the first time in about 20 years! Overall, being much fitter and more flexible makes every part of life (especially being a parent) much easier to handle.  I will never stop! So, thank you.  The classes you teach do make life better.” 

Phil Bellamy

Tina Clareli | Testimony | Curiously Calm Yoga

“I have noticed the difference in my fitness, flexibility and strength and the great affect it has had on my back, the process has been great. My flexibility has hugely improved, which really helps. I always rave to everyone about how much the classes have helped with my back, and because I have seen the improvement it’s a real motivation to keep going.” 

Tina Clareli